First Expendable, Now Just Losers

The Losers is very similar to The Expendables: a group of military tough-guys go up against a bad guy and his henchmen, shooting lots, punching lots, and generally causing mayhem. Without the name-recognition that The Expendables possessed, I was reluctant to see the movie.

Well, The Losers hit all the clichés of its genre, including the ones that annoy me the most: swaggering idiotic machismo and tiresome chest-beating standoffs, killers with a heart of gold, emotional manipulation using children, a pointlessly eeeevil and obnoxious villain, bogus and unnecessary technobabble, shallow and inconsistent characterisation, and a lack of tension during the action scenes. In addition, the story bizarrely lacked any reason for the protagonists to be “losers”, or references to them being called losers.

However there were a few things that elevated the movie, and but for flaws above would have made it a good action movie: its humour (particularly with Chris Evans), the betrayal plot element, and the variety of picturesque settings.


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