Dipping into the Anime Pool

So after a long break, I started watching anime again.

First up, Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu was perhaps one of the best plotted anime in recent memory: morally ambiguous characters, non-transitive power levels, unpredictable battles, and spectacular explosions.

On to the new season…

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? tries to cram multiple wacky anime tropes into a single show; there were some funny moments (mahou shoujo cutting a character and a monster in halves with a chainsaw) but it doesn’t go substantially farther than what I’ve seen before.

Gothic is a very interesting period mystery show by Bones, my favourite of the season so far. I really enjoyed trying to figure out the mysteries and sub-mysteries before Victorica.

Infinite Stratos has nothing to to with the old Stratos series, but is a well-animated light action/ harem-ish comedy that styles the mecha after the mech-musume concept. To my great relief, the male protagonist is not a complete hetare though he does annoy me at times. Once again the wacky exaggerations are out in force, particularly with the bizarre idea of what the English are like… I found the show fairly inoffensive.

Fractale felt like a Ghibli movie: pastoral setting with young kids and bumbling villains, and lots of flying. The setting is intriguing and I’m sure I’ll see more.

Overall it seems that my tastes have changed, or the prevailing style of anime has changed. I expect more than the stock standard fare nowadays, and put more weight into innovative ideas than pure entertainment (though I don’t look down on the latter).


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