The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

I’ll say it outright: this movie was a waste of time. A generous view would be that it ties up the loose ends, but that’s just too kind to this unnecessary mess. Once again, the two counter-cultural protagonists fight old White conspiratorial sex abusers; once again they are separated for almost all of the movie.

Unlike the second movie in the series – my favourite despite massive doses of action movie stupidity  – there is next to no action, no reveals, no tension. It’s utterly predictable what will happen.

Incoming spoilers…

The good guys sprinkle hacker magic and reveal the odious Teleborian as a liar and paedophile (oh what a surprise); Lisbeth escapes a murder charge by doing nothing and then using the Chewbacca Defence, and a conspiracy of geezers (they’re even non-Socialists!) threatens and poses but accomplishes precisely nothing. Oh, and Niedermann kills some women, has nothing to do with anyone for the entire movie, and then gets killed at the end.

To make up for Blomqvist’s crushing blandness, his sister overacts at every opportunity. The young bicycle-riding doctor made me roll my eyes, and Salander’s major achievement is to dress punk.



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