Die Hard 4, Spaceballs, The Returner

I watched more movies recently.

Die Hard 4

There’s nothing quite like a Die Hard, with Bruce Willis being grumpy, jumping away from explosions and killing highly organised bad guys. I liked the professionalism of the villains (Olyphant and Q in particular) with the “black hat” evil geeks an unusual touch, though I thought Gabriel’s motivation was too muddy to detest – he was neither an annoying self-righteous idealist or a self-serving money-grubber.


This is a Star Wars spoof with a dated sense of humour. There were a few silly things that made me smile (Rick Moranis and his helmets) but I didn’t laugh much.

The Returner

What happens when the Japanese get hold of ET? They add alien invasions, time travel, triad wars and bullet dodging. The Returner is a fun Takehashi Kaneshiro action movie with a couple of atypical points – I liked the old info-merchant woman, the final shooting, and the real cause of the war.


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