From Dusk till Dawn

I was never totally down with Tarantino. He’s clever but self-indulgent, and tends to dwell in stomach turning scenes and annoying pointless prattling.

From Dusk till Dawn showcases these traits – he’s the screenwriter here, and responsible for much irritation, including Cheech Marin’s interminable pussy touting. Clooney and Tarantino are bizarrely glorified criminals who drag a family of three into a strip club bar and pick fights with the locals, who turn out to be vampires. However it takes an hour of random killings, threats to civilians, and “cool” one-liners to get there. (Spoilers incoming.)

The ending annoyed me greatly: having dragged Kate’s entire family into a mess that got them killed, Seth acts like his delusional, sociopathic, rapist brother’s death is a big deal. I would have liked to see Tarantino die more painfully for wasting my time.

The action is entertaining, and I liked backstory hinted at by the final pull-away shot, but whatever substance there is to the movie is wasted on the obnoxious lead duo.


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