Fantastic Four

When it first came out I heard that it was one of the first weak superhero movies.

It’s nothing special, but certainly not the disaster I feared. The plot is extremely thin, and Victor Von Doom (nice name) is a caricature of an antagonist whose actions don’t make sense at all. Despite his wealth, he only owns a “billion-dollar company” (Microsoft makes $64 billion in revenue and has a market capitalisation of $213 billion) and a single bank can threaten him on the failure of a single low-outlay project. He uses no henchmen, proposes to someone he’s not even dating, and seems to want to take over the world by shooting lightning bolts at people.

I was disappointed by the lack of action: the Four basically spend all their time fighting each other or Doctor Doom.

The strength of the movie (aside from the Jessica Alba eye-candy) is in the character interactions. If you can ignore the ridiculous names, there is some quite funny interactions between Johnny Storm, his sister Sue Storm, Reed Richard (the quixotic over-intellectual) and Ben Grim (who becomes quite a figure of pathos).

It’s a fun enough superhero movie.


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