Cabin Fever, Alien versus Ninja, Wild Things

A bunch of trashy movies, some better than others.

Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever was high on the revulsion scale, inflicting nasty diseases on the pretty young things that typically inhabit these kinds of movies. Totally not my thing: I played video games while the movie ran.

Alien versus Ninja was a kind of Japanese Predator-ripoff crossed with tokusatsu (think Power Rangers). The aliens were CGI plus rubber suits, and many scenes unbearably campy/stupid. However the ninja versus ninja fight scenes were well choreographed.

I saw Wild Things many years ago on TV, and while the highlights of Denise Richards had been fascistically and oppressively edited out (most distressingly the same service was not performed upon Kevin Bacon), I recognised the movie as an excellent twisty thriller. Years later, with the full measure of Denise Richards available, Wild Things is a tonne of fun. I knew the plot twists ahead of time, but it was still a good ride.


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