Choice of Your Own

“Games are about meaningful choices.”

In this modern era of twitch-shooters, MMO grinding, and games-as-cinema, this sentiment is oft forgotten. I play boardgames because they adhere to this concept, posing tough intellectual decisions in a dense, engaging format.

The Choice of Games series take the idea in a different direction – they are the modern version of the “choose-your-own-adventure” novel: well written, mature, historically-detailed narratives, driven solely by significant player choice. There is no luck here, significant story branching, and none of the frustratingly arbitrariness of the old children’s novels, where nothing would indicate the outcomes of various choices.

The games offer stories in different genres: Age of Sail Hornblower-style adventure, high fantasy where you play the dragon, courtly intrigue and romance, and 19th century vampire fiction.

I recommend them highly.


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