A Game of Thrones Season 1

I’ve finished the first season of the TV series, and it was absolutely excellent – looks like there’s stuff still worth watching out there!

The acclaimed storyline was worked out beforehand by GRR Martin, though the TV series writers supposedly cleaned things up, introduced new scenes that cleared up missteps with the original material, and kept things moving swiftly. Unlike the vast majority of fantasy series out there, you’re never sure quite what to expect, as the storytelling momentum builds up and dissipates extremely quickly.

Spoilers follow.

Drogo’s death at the hands of a vengeful peasant witch was a huge surprise, overturning fantasy cliches of a grateful healer saved by a protagonist; Snow’s back-and-forth over whether he’d go South was another. Of course the greatest surprise was Ned Stark’s defeat as a consequence of his quixotic nobility, and the unfinished desires of an erstwhile ally.

The actors do a fantastic job with the material, a well-written story for adults with minor touches of fantasy.

Absolutely recommend.


4 responses to “A Game of Thrones Season 1

  1. Elisa Michelle

    I absolutely adored this season of Game of Thrones. I thought Drogo dying at the hands of the witch who is normally so grateful for being saved was great. Definitely turned that cliche on itself.

  2. Elisa Michelle

    Same here! Because I’ve never read the book(s?), I didn’t know those direwolves get a lot bigger and that they’re just puppies at this point. Puppies! So I want to see what they look like as they get older. Also, those dragons. I want to know what happens with those dragons. There’s more, like what Sansa’s going to do (her predicament is horrible and I really feel sorry for her). Ah, the wait is very long though. They said season two will air spring 2012, right?

  3. I’m struggling to hold off reading the books because Martin hasn’t finished the series yet and I don’t want to be left hanging – there was a gap of 5 years between the latest two books!

    Ah Sansa… To be honest I try to become too attached to any of the characters, as the series is renowned for killing “main” characters off!

    I’ve read that they’re beginning production of season 2 next month, for release the same time season 1 was released next year. Martin himself is writing the most spoiler-heavy episode, and there will be 10 episodes in total.

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