Vampires East and West: Mr Vampire and Lost Boys

Mr Vampire is a Hong Kong martial-arts/comedy that created a subgenre with its popularity, and resulted in Lam playing very similar Taoist exorcists. I can’t attest to the accuracy/inaccuracy of traditional Chinese monster lore (aside from the lock-kneed ghosts) but was amused at how vampires are primarily dealt with using martial arts. Like most wacky Hong Kong movies of the genre, there is no standard romantic subplot: the heroine is there strictly for laughs. I really liked her coffee-drinking scene, as well as when most of the male characters chase her around in the background. The only romance that does occur is with a ghost, which is just as well because I was astounded at how ugly Man Choi is.

Lost Boys is a confusing mix of the serious and the wacky, and I found it difficult to get a grasp of. The title could refer to the fatherless protagonist kids or to the delinquents, which I suppose fits with the themes of adolescent rebellion/independence and family. The 80s fashion was like stakes in my eyes, and I was mystified whether to the Frog brothers seriously or not. Keifer Sutherland showed more interest in the older brother than his supposed girlfriend.

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