I was astounded to find that Hop (which I assumed was a CGI movie) turned out to be a CGI/live-action mix. Rather than cloying cutesiness and an uninspired plot, I was forced to deal with “comic” irresponsibility and an uninspired plot. James Marsden plays the non-animated man-child while the odious Russell Brand is the animated man-child/rabbit. I wanted to strangle both of them at various points in the movie; the rabbit more than the human, as his egocentric manipulativeness became far too much.

I found myself sympathising with the villainous “Mexican immigrant” fore-chick (um, baby chicken by the way) Carlos, continually passed over for promotion into a management position by a nepotistic owner who lords over a “lesser” species and (like his spoiled son) is completely oblivious to his life of privilege.

In addition, I couldn’t help but disapprove of the fuzz-washing of a religious holiday. Hop is about candy, bunnies and poor life decisions; there’s not even a sub-theme of sacrifice or something else tenuously connected to the religious aspect of Easter. The movie is thankfully not a religious tract, but I thought it dishonest to supplant the festival’s meaning with a silly mythology cut from whole cloth. Easter as a Christian celebration seems destined to go the way of Christmas: sunk under waves of kid-pandering indulgence and meaningless bromides.

There are some funny scenes, and laughs to be had, but but these were outweighted by the annoyances.


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