A Matter of Loaf and Death

I saw The Wrong Trousers in the waiting room of an audition many years back and was blown away. While I didn’t enjoy Chicken Run as much as most others, I’ve been a keen fan of the Wallace and Gromit series ever since.

Wallace is an unlikely ladies man, with his poor dress sense, baldness and tendency to ramble, but in A Matter of Loaf and Death he finds yet another love interest (his third, and one per movie since A Close Shave, which is bizarrely Bond-esque) in Piella Bakewell, the sometime postergirl of a bread company. He also finds himself in a completely new profession, which he carries out with his characteristic inventions.

Puns, physical comedy, and movie parodies abound. I was a bit disappointed by the limited depth of characterisation, but you can’t ask for too much from a half-hour short. Like The Wrong Trousers, the half hour did feel like a proper movie and I was surprised to learn it was so short; this is the kind of effect I’m looking for in a Wallace and Gromit work, so I count it a success. (By contrast, many of the Star Trek movies and anime movies feel more like extended episodes than movies.)

Also, I really liked Fluffles.


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