Jonny Finkel’s Bad Date

So this is the latest drama in the interwebs: Gizmodo intern girl goes on OkCupid date with dude, finds out he’s really into Magic: The Gathering, dumps him. Of course that’s not all, that’s barely a story. For some reason, the girl (Alyssa Bereznak) pens a poorly written piece (image link) on Gizmodo identifying and slagging him off. The funny thing is that the guy in question is Jon Finkel, world champion MtG player, poker pro and hedge fund manager, and the article really does a poor job of doing anything other than portraying its author as a selfish, entitled idiot.

As you may have guessed, a tech site – heck the internet – is a poor place to mock the geeky. So the article is circulated, the skies darken and Alyssa Bereznak gets slammed from all over the intarwebz. Choice serves are a parody, a critical article, and a more mainstream critical article.

Finkel brushes off the article and is swarmed by geeky girls (including Felicia Day). All’s well with the world.

I’ll leave you with an exchange between Finkel and a commenter:

Jon Finkel: I know there are a lot of younger guys out there who are thinking, “I can’t let girls know I play magic or they won’t think I’m cool”

Fleur Homfray: If a guy thinks he can’t tell a girl he plays as she won’t like him then he should change that thought to “is she that great?”


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