Bad Fantasy

For me, fantasy novels are a comfort food – easy to digest, but of little nutritional value.

When I came back to Terry Brooks over a decade after I first read Sword of Shannara, I was astounded how poor the writing was: the prose was thin, the characters shallow and the plot hopelessly predictable. I pushed through the flaws and survived somewhat disillusioned. How could I have enjoyed his early books?

The answer applies more generally: The Sword of Shannara and its immediate successors were my first fantasy novels after Tolkien, and the industry’s first after-Tolkien fantasy novels too.

Dave Cesarano presents an insightful analysis of the problems of modern fantasy fiction: driven by publishers into attempting to ape the epic form of Tolkien’s masterpiece without possessing the substance; endeavouring to be post-Tolkien and subversive but ending up just as constrained by the attempts at rebellion, and suffering the same poor quality as more traditional imitators; relying on shallow fantasy-trapping gimmicks or non-fantasy “edgy” gimmicks.

Michal Wojcik performs a penetrating critique of the “adult fantasy” subgenre: strawman interpretations of Tolkien, relying upon swearing/sex/violence make a work  “adult”; discarding the literary lineage of fantasy in order to impose “relevant” topical issues; relegating fantasy to window-dressing.


One response to “Bad Fantasy

  1. I never really liked Terry Brooks (elves..), although I did get into the “Magical Kingdom for Sale (Sold)” series.

    Interesting articles. I wonder if this is why I don’t read much fantasy books anymore (and to a certain extent, not watch as much anime) – it all starts to seem the same.

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