Burlesque the Movie

I’ve always wanted to see a Burlesque performance; I was hoping this movie would bring Hollywood production values to the Burlesque style. However it’s more a two-seater vehicle for Christina Aguilera and Cher, styled in the mold of popcorn dance movies.

I like Kristen Bell but her role is restricted to an ineffective 2-dimensional “villain” who barely clings onto the plot. I think she’s supposed to be a longtime associate of Cher, but the fact that she clearly looks decades younger completely confuses the issue.

I found it immensely difficult to sympathise with Cher’s character, a businesswoman who deals with financial problems by ignoring them. Stanley Tucci is pretty funny.

The shallow dance-movie plotline never strays far from predictable, with the typical manufactured drama of the genre. Characters are sketched almost perfunctorily. One minor bright note was, how the characters resolve the main plot challenge.

Most of the dance numbers were rather forgettable, more typical pop-dance than Burlesque. One of the few exceptions was Christina’s performance in the pearl outfit (itself which stirred disbelieving reactions from other members of the audience), expressing a lot more attitude and creativity than other numbers.

So: a weak star vehicle, entertaining enough for a dance movie.


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