Anime Fall 2011

After a lengthy hiatus, I’ve come back to watching anime. But with time at a premium, I can’t spare the effort to watching everything and my standards are correspondingly higher.

Fate Zero is my favourite this season – dense and clever, I find it extremely engaging and look forward to future twists.

Mirai Nikki has the potentially to be a very clever, twisty thriller/horror anime even though the characters’ clothes are pretty scary.

Persona 4 is pretty good, alluding to the source games much more than the last Persona anime (Trinity Soul, back in 2008).

Shakugan no Shana Final suffers from the franchise’s simplistic character design and dubious monster design, but the story starts reasonably well. Perhaps it will last to the end of the role that catapulted Kugimiya Rie to tsundere-pigeonholed stardom (and presumably led to her roles in Zero no Tsukaima and Toradora).

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is the end result of taking every single trope in all of anime and mixing them all together. Of course that’s a reasonably frequent occurrence in anime… The animation is pretty nice, but it’s very difficult to take seriously. Some of the wackier character designs I want to kick out of the series.

Apparently I watched C3 as well, but I might have fallen asleep as I remember nothing about it. Hmmm…

Bentou is a ridiculous comedy fighting(?) anime. Easily skippable but I might end up seeing where it goes.


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