King of Thorn

The Japanese title “Ibara no Ou” reveals much more than the Engrish translation, harking back towards the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty (“Ibarahime”). Apparently this was a 6 volume seinen manga turned into a 2010 film by Sunrise.

The seinen origin is pretty clear, with plenty of grizzly deaths, and a fast-paced, twisting plot. Between flashbacks, conspiracies, counter-schemes, infiltration, mind-control, human replicas, mythical creatures and illusions/delusions, it can be hard to keep track of your theories about what’s going on.

It’s definitely my kind of movie, aimed at a similar audience to that of Gantz. I would have enjoyed more background but I suppose only so much is possible in a 120 minute movie. The manga supposedly has a very different storyline.

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