The Holiday Rom-Coms

For various reasons I found myself watching Valentine’s Day and then New Years Eve (the rom-coms). They’re inoffensive movies, structured as multiple independent simple stories where the characters brush past each other but don’t affect each other that much; in many ways an excuse to get big-name actors into the same movie.

I found Valentine’s Day rather mawkish, with the repeated crowing about “love” frankly pretty bizarre: perhaps I’m cynical or move in cynical circles, but in my world people really don’t talk like that. The kid was especially annoying. My favourite part was probably Taylor Swift acting the utterly vapid airhead or Anne Hathaway’s wacky phone-sex accents. It’s light fluff.

I liked New Year’s Eve more; I didn’t even recognise Zac Efron (no wonder his dancing was so good) but liked his story with Michelle Pfeiffer the best; I also liked Russell Peters and Sofia Vergara. The “The Kominsky” part was eyebrow-raisingly over-the-top and Bon Jovi’s romance was a little annoying. However my bile must be saved for Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays a mind-bogglingly unattractive character. I’ll avoid spoilers, but remember how she really wanted to spend New Year’s Eve.


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