This movie appears to be an adaptation of a TV drama series that was itself an adaptation of a shoujo manga. Given the plot teaser, I expected it to be a shounen romance (a genre that does not exist in the West), but it turned out to be a pointless and depressing exploration of a bunch of self-absorbed characters who use and abuse each other.

The protagonist Yukiyo narrates early on that he becomes involved with four women, but by the end of the movie I counted only three; I presume this is due to abridgement.

I didn’t like the movie at all, as I despised how the characters treated each other. Perhaps things are more excusable in the TV drama series, but I have no inclination to find out.

Special mention of the worthless subtitles, which translated “doutei” (virgin) as the idiotic “pure boy”, and “sekksu” (pretty damn clear “sex”) as “love” or some other nonsensical bowlderisation.


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