Horrible Bosses, The Thing, Memento

Horrible Bosses is an eminently relatable premise spoiled by ridiculous overextension: three decent employees are persecuted by sociopathic bosses (though Jennifer Aniston’s isn’t that bad);  they have an off-screen lobotomy and make the bizarre jump to plotting murder. Two of the three main characters turn into unbelievable fools, dragging the third one into dumb situations. It’s a funny movie, perhaps slightly above average for the pure comedies I’ve seen, but I really wish it focused more on the employee/employer relationship that most people understand, rather than having unbelievably idiotic friends who get you into implausible situations.
The Thing is a good prequel-cum-remake that swaps Kurt Russell for a girl (changing the tone slightly) and the over-the-top 80s gore effects for slightly less lurid CGI. There are numerous parallels between the events of the original movie and this prequel, in particular the blood test. Overall I enjoyed this horror-thriller-sci-fi quite a bit.
Memento is a Chris Nolan movie I’ve wanted to see for a long time, and it’s been longer than I expected. This is the famous movie about a man without short-term memory, played backwards so you experience a similar bewilderment about the situation. It’s very clever, pretty demanding, but I found the ending somewhat frustrating.

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