Sherlock Holmes 2, The Hard Way, The Muppets, Wild 7

Sherlock Holmes 2 serves up a similar dish to the first: light-hearted period adventure with Robert Downey Jr pre-visualising his way through all sorts of scrapes. His opponent this time is Moriarty, who is undersketched and lacks the menace he deserves – but I suppose this follows the source material, where the supervillain was tacked-on in a story Conan Doyle wrote to kill off his famous detective. I found the resolution dissatisfying for the obvious mistake of situating the significant action off-screen and far in the past. Not sure if there will be a third installment.

The Hard Way is a classic 80s movie with Michael J Fox and James Woods playing the kind of characters they do best. (Stephen Lang pops in too.) It’s a pretty good, if predictable, action-comedy.

The Muppets tries hard to bring back the nostalgia, but I never followed the original series enough to become a proper fan – indeed I preferred the more straightforward Sesame Street. It’s a fun-enough movie with lots of cameos (I wish Sarah Silverman had a bigger part!) and singing and dancing, but the appeal feels rather dated.

Wild 7 is a silly Japanese action movie that goes nowhere with its premise, and isn’t even spectacular. For a team movie, the characters struggle to carve out distinct personalities, there are numerous plot holes, and the moral outrage at the villain is unconvincing.


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