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It’s been many years since I wrote serious Haskell, and my old programs  are mysterious artifacts of a past brilliance. Each time, I wonder if I really wrote the code myself, instead of pinching it from somewhere on the net.

The language has grown and changed since then, and what used to be a cornucopia of cutting-edge, research-fueled features has grown even more profuse. The libraries have moved around, and now instead of downloading good old GHC, you download the ambitiously-named “Haskell Platform”.

I’m still struggling to recall/determine how best to use type classes, type synonyms, code-as-data, metaprogramming, libraries, modules, and type system tricks for my purposes, and my slow progress and unidiomatic code is uncomfortable. However I’m aiming for a more ambitious goal than the impressive and sophisticated but still toy, proof-of-concept projects I spent my time with in the past.


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