Game of Thrones Season Two

I suppose I should call it “A Clash of Kings”, the name of the second book, but the TV series as a whole has adopted the name of the first book. Anyway, it’s an appropriate name as Westeros shatters into multiple factions, each claiming kingship.

I’ve heard this season departs significantly from the novels but didn’t notice any obvious changes (I have not read the books); there are some spectacular battles depicted, and more mysterious supernatural elements.

Perhaps I’ve been inured to the slayings and betrayal, but there was a lot less this time round that shocked or surprised me. Tyrion has become a mainstream favourite; I also like Varis the eunuch and his fatalistic prudence. The Tyrells and Greyjoys are shaping up to be players in this game, but the second season left me feeling like the main event was yet to come.

On the whole, the second season is good, but more than anything makes me want them to get on with it.


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