Lena Dunham’s Girls

I am absolutely loving Girls, which apparently has a 60% male viewership. I really like naturalism, and the realism with which the series treats its subject matter is unprecedented  It portrays immature, self-indulgent, self-unaware characters that you can still sympathise with, and doesn’t let them off the hook. Situations are depicted unflinchingly without imposing heavy-handed values, leaving it to the audience to determine the right and wrong of modern interactions.

Every episode there’s some insightful portrayal of the contradictions and hypocrisies of human nature, and great bevies of killer lines. Dunham is clearly a talented writer/director/actress who is unafraid (or even eager) to humiliate her onscreen self (dressing up in awful outfits and sacrificing her dignity at every opportunity), but Jemima Kirke steals the show (again) as the free-spirited, irresponsible, eye-rolling friend who loves everyone effusively and superficially. Amongst all the hipster posing, Dunham betrays knowledge of how the world really works (see a pro-MacDonalds rant by one of the characters), though she never pushes a point of view.

I’m very pleased that it’s been renewed for a second season.


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