The Guild

The Guild is a fantastic web series written and starring Felicia Day, depicting the exaggerated antics of an MMORPG guild in a game highly similar to World of Warcraft. It spans 5 seasons, beginning as a low budget indie production, before gaining a pile of donations and then full-on sponsorship by Microsoft, and wide recognition.

Unlike frequent depictions of gamers as obese, smelly guys who live in their parents’ basements (see the South Park WoW ep); The Guild portrays a bunch of characters with a bewildering variety of quirks and issues – the clingy, oblivious Zaboo, the irresponsible mother Clara, the narcissistic Bladezz, the ridiculously stingy Vork, the eye-rolling Tinkerballa, and the neurotic Codex (Day). The series is chock-full of geek culture in-jokes and references, and later seasons have a pile of geek culture cameos (as The Guild became more famous) as well.

There are just so many funny throwaway lines and all sorts of affectionate pokes at gamer/fantasy/sci-fi subcultures – someone in the know will get a lot more out of it. And despite the wacky cast there is a surprising depth to the characters and their relationships.

Anyway, here are some of the great lines I lol’d at and had to write down:

* “He left something? Classic move. Like when a dog pees on a fire hydrant.”
* “When did this guild go from playing a game together to talking about feelings and holding each other’s vaginas?”
* “No one in the world would find that interesting.”
* “It’s nice to know everyone in the guild doesn’t hate me for being a lying whore-bag.”
* “If that happens, I’m going to replace all my organs with clockwork and sell myself to a steampunk museum.”
* “The winner gets a lesson from me in Fortran.”
* “I never expected those words to leave your mouth towards my face.”
The Guild is one of my favourite series ever, a fantastic creative work that presents, parodies, and shows affection for geek culture so well.

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