CGI Horror – Resident Evil and Dead Space

I like sci-fi horror but it’s pretty formulaic. I watched three CGI movies in that genre recently, all based on video game properties, all with colons in their titles.

Dead Space: Downfall was actually quite boring – the voice acting was poor, the dialogue stilted, and the animation low-quality middle-distance rubbish. The pacing was poor, the story retread what you expected, and there was far too much reliance on badly-drawn gore.

Dead Space: Aftermath was better – showcasing a variety of artistic styles, though the spine CGI was pretty bad. Fortunately the animation was pretty good – most of it coming from Korea. The gore is still gratuitous, and there was too much incompetence to be plausible, but it was adequately enjoyable.

Resident Evil: Degeneration hit the high notes of pulp sci-fi horror, and is better than at least a few of the live-action movies. It had a decent, fast-paced storyline and plenty of action. Not high art by any means, but I enjoyed it a lot.


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