Dirty Dancing

This movie came heavily recommended – by girls of course, which made it all suspect; as it turns out however, I actually enjoyed this 80s dance movie.

Dirty Dancing is actually a period piece set 25 years before the year it was released – of course, now I’m watching it 25 years later. It’s interesting to see families going to camps and putting on little singing/dancing performances, Harvard boys being used as “marriage candy” (I think) waiters, and ballroom dancing being so important to socialising. It’s interesting to see the class division, which is much more inconsistently policed nowadays.

It turns out that the best dance scenes were improv by the actors, and the famous “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” isn’t anywhere nearly as dramatic as I imagined; nevertheless the characters are decently sketched out, Jerry Orbach still looks old, and the movie was an enjoyable experience.

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