I read the Michael Crichton book years ago, and was curious to see what the cinematic adaptation of Disclosure would be like. It depicts the computer industry in 1994, a high stakes game of options and spin-offs, millionaire founders, ruthless VCs, and critical production delays in South-East Asia. Michael Douglas is the million-year-old engineering dude eyeing a promotion when a far-too-young-for-him Demi Moore (much more attractive with long hair) is parachuted into the job.

I really enjoyed the cutthroat corporate manoeuvering (see if you can figure out why the person who knew didn’t act) and the period tech-boom setting. The VR stuff is horribly silly and dated, but the issues of poor data security are still around today. Though rather than break into a real email address, you could just connect to a mail server and fake the “from” address…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the gender wars aspect didn’t feel anywhere near as substantial as the office politics, and I think the resolution of that thread was a bit too deus ex machina to carry weight. In any case, I enjoyed the movie.


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