Another Bunch of Movies

Melancholia was a huge disappointment – even naked Kirsten Dunst couldn’t save this boring wreck. This was my first Lars Von Trier movie and I wanted to like it, but I couldn’t. The characters were aggravating, the pace glacial, the sci-fi just irrelevant.

Malice in Wonderland was a strange UK film based on the famous book – but not that closely. The atmosphere was nice, but the story all over the place.

Not Another Teen Movie didn’t have anything interesting to say. Granted, I only recognised a few parodies (Bring It On, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions) but the only thing to bring a smile to my face was Molly Ringwald’s cameo (and the naked exchange student). The flaws in teen movies aren’t exactly hidden secrets that need much pointing out.

TiMer was an unusual genre blend – a sci-fi romance that takes the sci-fi part somewhat seriously. It required two thoroughly ridiculous conceits: that “true love” exists (barf) and that a timer can count down to it. Other than that, the movie was surprisingly persuasive about the philosophy of timers, if not the mechanics.

Cashback is an awesome movie, and not just because of its loving eye for the female form and tangy UK accents. It’s a dark and realistic portrayal about young relationships, depression, and growing up with an introverted personality, yet is also humorous, with some very clever visual effects and intrusions of fantasy into reality.


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