A Pile of Movies

I have a backlog of reviews – here’s another pile of them.

Dark Shadows is very obviously a Tim Burton movie; no one does set design and atmosphere like he does. The movie was a bit all over the place – Victoria appeared to be the main character than disappeared offscreen. I was pleased to see Moretz in a kooky role (kittens and dancing) but her twist was redundant.

The Amazing Spiderman had me wondering why Marvel bothered to reboot a franchise that really wasn’t that old (answer: movie rights). It turned out to be a surprisingly good film, with well-constructed action scenes. -While Andrew Garfield is too cool to be Toby McGuire’s nerd, he was pretty likeable. Emma Stone was great – her casual, natural style brought liveliness to her role.

I’ve tried to steer away from shrill CGI films, but the Ice Age franchise has been pretty good to me. Ice Age 4 has a stellar cast (Peter Dinklage is the villain!), and the scenery and storyline kept my attention.

The Total Recall remake recast the Earth-Mars conflict as one between the future UK and Australia (haha), with Malcolm-in-the-Middle’s father as the antagonist. I haven’t seen any Breaking Bad, so that was a strange experience for me. The wacky 80s sci-fi atmosphere is gone – I appreciate the world-building attempts, but I found it a lot flatter and duller a setting (though I haven’t seen the original for over a decade). Farrell was decent; Biel overacted her tough-girl role, but I have a soft spot for such characters anyway. The ending was extremely predictable, and I found it rather annoying how easily the Evil Plan was thwarted.

Painted Skin II: The Resurrection is one of those strange Chinese supernatural action/comedy/romance/everything movies with confused ethics. It was enjoyable at the time (I liked the sparrow demon and the evil barbarian hordes) but didn’t leave a lasting impression.

I had been avoiding Battleship, which seemed to be a formulaic sci-fi action movie, but it was actually pretty good. I wasn’t able to see the ending, but the movie engaged me throughout – though the protagonist was idiotically irresponsible for the first part.


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