Kara no Kyoukai

I’m a big fan of Type Moon, having loved Fate and Tsukihime. Kara no Kyoukai is supposedly based on a precursor to Tsukihime, even though most of the content is completely different.

ufotable does a fantastic job with the animation, visual effects, and atmosphere. However I found that many of the episodes were incredibly slow, and the series peaked at episode five, leading to somewhat anti-climatic episodes six and seven. The characters often engage in rather opaque philosophical talk, which when focused on the setting is interesting world-building (eg the Origin of each person) but is often overcomplicated observations about other characters. (This isn’t helped by the overuse of the name Shiki…) I found that I had to be wide awake to keep track of the storylines, to comprehend the conversations, and to not doze off when Kokuto did something quixotic but very boring (as he tends to).

This series is best enjoyed with the correct expectations and some patience.


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