More Beauty and the Geek

I know I said I was sated, but there were some funny lines:

* “I’m not a gold digger, but money does make a guy a bit more attractive”

* “I haven’t been this excited since I got into Medicine!” (the university course)

* “I think I’m less of a James Bond and more of an Austin Powers.”

* “An alien hooker maybe?”

* “I was trapped in a nightmare, not a bubble.”

* “Not posh – I can’t even talk properly.”

* “I loved Arts & Craft at school, because I couldn’t do maths, geography, English, history… the list goes on.”

* “So I started speaking with an English accent because I thought it would make me sound more posh.”

* “I was disappointed, but I knew that after bringing up that vomit, we didn’t really have a chance.”

* “Looking in the mirror, I nearly had a myocardiac infarction – that’s a heart attack, by the way.”

* “It was like I was waxing Donkey Kong.”

Both sides get a pretty sympathetic treatment.


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