As today is the day for nostalgia, I’ll raise one of the series I enjoyed in my youth: Brian Jacques’s Redwall. It tells the story of anthropomorphic English animals in a medieval setting, typically concerning a good versus evil battle that is visited by some light supernatural elements. I received the first book as a birthday present and was enraptured by it; in the coming years the series became very popular at my school, with the library acquiring each book of the series. When this popularity hit, the series had been out for at least 6 years – I suppose this must be like how Harry Potter only became widely mainstream 3 or 4 books in.

Due to limited access, I only read the first three books properly. Years later, I skimmed a couple of the others when I had brief access to them and was a bit frustrated by their obvious formulaity. Nevertheless, it’s a charming world with a pronounced style.


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