Another (anime)

Horror is very rare in anime, so I pay attention when it turns up. Another is an excellently executed anime about a boy starting school in the town of his youth, discovering that there is some sort of curse on his class. Yep, J-Horror is always in small towns!

Itou Noizi is not the person you’d expect to do the character designs in a horror anime but some pretty nasty things happen to those cute-looking big-eyed  characters. The settings are excellent: rust, peeling paint and dilapidation is always close by, and the anime does well to make even a passing truck ominous.

The ambiguity and slow revelation dripped into the series is expertly done – for example Mei’s awesome self-introduction. I did find that the dream sequences and frequent shots of dolls were a bit of a cheap way to get shocks and horror. The final revelations were interesting, but seemed to be based on a bit too much withheld information.

In any case, it’s a good series in a rare genre.

One response to “Another (anime)

  1. I just finished watching this and was actually planning on writing a “review.” I really enjoyed it, despite some plot holes. I think, all in all, it’s a good horror-anime. Just the right amount of creepy-ness and gore 🙂

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