Resident Evil: Damnation

In general I seem to enjoy the CGI movies of Resident Evil more than the meandering mess that is the live action film series. The CGI movies follow the game continuity and have more coherent storylines; the live-action movies can’t make up their mind about what they want to do (how many times has Alice gained and lost her powers now?), and make random attempts to evoke better material.

Anyway, Damnation follows good old Leon through an Eastern European country in the midst of internal strife, with Bio-Organic Weapons (zombie-related monsters) turning up. The action scenes are excellent, in particular the more formidable enemies demonstrate a sense of menace. The story is straightforward, featuring the freaky creatures, scientific experimentation and characters from the franchise. Its main weakness is its foreshadowed (but still hard to swallow) deux ex machina-ish ending.

Seeing clips from Resident Evil 6 in the credits kinda makes me want to play it now.


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