Blood-C: The Last Dark

This cinematic conclusion to the anime series is brilliantly animated, with high production values. However it makes some terrible choices that turn it into a randomly-connected movie rather than a conclusion to the series.

Weak spoilers follow.

Firstly, the movie is oriented around a conflict between a secret organisation (actually two) and a rebel movement – these are created out of whole cloth and basically call back to nothing in the original series, it’s essentially a cliche imported for its formula. The Furukimono and their agreement – one of the key mysteries of the TV series -disappears into the background.

Secondly, Saya is unsociable for the entire movie. Given that Blood-C was about the transformation of a friendly, ditzy girl to a vengeful killer as her environment is torn up around her, the movie abandons that theme altogether.

There are some plot twists, but the entire movie wasn’t coherent enough; the final enemy spends more time appearing than being defeated; the ending is too short, and doesn’t resolve or explain anything.

So, a very pretty miss. Watchable if taken on its own, but nothing groundbreaking then.


One response to “Blood-C: The Last Dark

  1. if i will choose between the series & the movie. i rather choose the series.

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