Thundercats Second Half

Sadly the more-sophisticated (Japanese animated) Thundercats reboot hasn’t been renewed.

The second half of the season was a little weaker, feeling much more like episodes rather than mini-movies with plot development. There is less emphasis on overarching story, despite some nice minor continuity such as sequences in which the characters split up over a couple of episodes. I did enjoy the last couple of episodes, which referenced the rest of the series.

The villains get beefed up and have several victories, including an interesting final twist; however the interaction between Lion-O and one of the new characters is pretty trying – it was just written very flatly. The time chasm is revisited, and more clues are shown as to the history of the planet.

Oh, and I liked the kids’ “We’re too cute to die!”

The story doesn’t end here, but alas this new incarnation does.


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