Equilibrium (2002 Film)

Supposedly the writer of Equilibrium wanted to update Brave New World and 1984 to allude to the new “feelings fascism” in society, but this sci-fi action-flick mostly uses those themes as a setting for a more conventional narrative.

The direction is rather ham-fisted, with the expository opening sequence, the wannabe-artsy “gun kata” (martial arts forms using guns), the out-of-place religious overtones (clerics and the Tetragrammaton – “true name of god”), and the Nazi allusions. The effects were a bit dated and the colour palette way too dull. I chuckled at “sense offender” and Sean Bean (poor Sean Bean), and if I knew 1984 or Brave New World I might have recognised references to them. The child informants did creep me out though – everyone always wants to train children to think the way they do.

Anyway, Christian Bale carried the movie and there were a couple of interesting plot twists. I was confused that the second-last enemy was so weak compared to the last. It’s an okay sci-fi action flick.


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