Girls Season 2

Lena Dunham has been getting a lot attention, and while I roll my eyes at how vociferously she is being hyped or derided, I think the merits of her work stand on their own feet. The experience Dunham depicts is really not as universal as the hypesters claim (though it is representative for that group) and despite the me-too wishes of some of the detractors it is under no obligation to be. I seem to have a more “nasty” interpretation of the series than most other viewers: essentially silly people doing stupid things and suffering for it; the pro-group blathers on about sympathising with the characters and being moved by their struggles, while the anti-group complains about how all the characters are unsympathetic. I just enjoy watching the emotionally-realistic posturings of the self-obsessed characters as they pretend various things to themselves and to others.

Anyway, Season 2 is darker than the first, as the characters relationships splinter up in pretty nasty ways. It suffers some shipshod storytelling (major plot developments come out of nowhere), and the season ending seems to cast terrible decision-making in a good light – I personally see that as parody, but others have been moved/incensed by it. One commentator points to the emotional (but not plot-based) causal chains running through the narrative: things happen and make sense due to characters’ emotional states, not more traditional cause-and-effect.

Anyway, the characters are nuanced and complex (even if the storytelling jumps around enough to hurt its plausibility), and the show is packed full of hilarious situations and lines:

* “No, she’s too self-involved to commit suicide.”

* “You can’t dress like a magician’s assistant for much longer.”

* “Restaurants, I guess they’re just my passion. Going out to dinner is like just a part of who I am.”

* “And now you’re off somewhere, living it up, wearing a crop-top, you probably got your vagina pierced.”



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