Young Adult (2011 Film)

After just having written a review of Girls Season 2, this is another emotionally-realistic “silly people doing stupid things and suffering for it” pieces that I enjoy, and I enjoyed this one a lot. The acting is excellent, and Patrick Wilson turns up again as the object of a developmentally-stunted female’s fantasy.

Charlize Theron plays the wonderfully mean, delusional, self-centred, narcissistic, self-pitying (shall I go on?) main character, using (and satirising) romantic cliches to justify her ill-advised actions – towards the goal of taking back her highschool sweetheart. She drinks in that terrifying gulpy alcoholic way that warns you of a crazy woman.

Patton Oswalt does a great job in a difficult role: a disabled, somewhat bitter guy who was a loser and victim in high school, who has a conflicted relationship with Theron’s mean girl.

I recommend if you’re into this genre.


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