Standup Comedy

I never seemed to enjoy standup comedy as much as other people, but recently I’ve been watching some (on Netflix and Youtube). I don’t laugh out loud, but I’ve been drawn to watch more, and I’ve gained a better appreciation of the work that goes into this kind of performance. I still haven’t seen Louis CK, but I understand that artistically he’s at the forefront of the field.

Bill Burr is one of the more prominent comedians – apparently he specialises in opening with wild claims which he then reels the audience in on. He has a likeable manner that allows him to say crazy or controversial things. I enjoyed his performances, and he had me laughing a few times.

Amy Schumer is the other comedian I most enjoyed – she specialises in “edgy” (and by that I mean disgusting) sex comedy that would be self-deprecating to her persona.

Lisa Lampanelli is a bit hit-or-miss; her self-deprecating delivery is great, and she has a strong rapport with the audience (she has to, given her routine basically involves insulting everyone in the most un-politically correct way possible). However some of her insults are just name-calling, which doesn’t go very far.

Patrice O’Neal came highly recommended, but I didn’t get a lot out of him.

After seeing a performance, the furore last year over Daniel Tosh looks utterly ridiculous. His style is to be offensive, come across as rather demented, but also rather camp.

I’ve also enjoyed bits and pieces of Anthony Jeselnik, Seth Macfarlane, KT Tatara and Monrok.

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