Zero Dark Thirty

Supposedly there was a boycott to protest the depiction of torture in the movie (and some inaccuracies), but I don’t think that was necessary – those quease-inducing scenes at the beginning almost had me abandon the movie.

Zero Dark Thirty depicts the hunt for Bin Laden by US intelligent forces over several years. Jessica Chastain is the very attractive protagonist, a young CIA officer who dedicates herself to sniffing out the terrorist mastermind. There’s not too many twists on this journey, but the understated way the film deals with its subject matter gave me a strong sense of realism and plausibility. You really get to imagine what it’s like being an intelligent operative out in the desert, in a hostile country, spending years of your life chasing an elusive enemy. The final (lengthy) Seal mission in Pakistan was amazingly shot.


One response to “Zero Dark Thirty

  1. Negative feedback about how this film is propaganda [by torture apologists] reeks of alarmist narrative. Very nice review!

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