Fast 6

I’ve been a somewhat reluctant watcher of The Fast & The Furious franchise; cars aren’t my thing and I’m neutral on action movies. More recent films have tried to shift the emphasis of the movies, aspiring to be “heist films” rather than car movies – in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Anyway, Fast 6 was spectacle-spoiled (not really plot-spoiled, there’s not that much plot here) by the trailers that showed off its major action scenes. The dialog and emotional scenes were pretty cheesy, in particular Dom’s relationship with Elena in light of him wanting to find Letty. Han and Gisele were borderline, though his laid-back manner played better. I enjoyed the jokes, some of which acknowledged the ridiculousness of the action scenes (eg having a fall broken by a car).

The action set pieces were pretty good, but the last extended one was cut too quickly, and with the angle it was hard to tell what was going on. The storyline centred around a MacGuffin that (annoyingly) had zero intrinsic significance; there were a couple of minor twists, and some sadness towards the end. The villains were decently sketched, with some satisfying confrontations (one of the fights a bunch of police and then two members of Dom’s team), and some real menace. The cast was a bit too large, making it unwieldy to feature them all.

Fast 6 delivers exactly what you pay for, and is above average for a movie that is sixth in the series. Justin Lin couldn’t finish it in time to direct Fast 7 (yep, the wider audience is required to support this long franchise), but he does deal with one of his long-running plot threads.


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