Jack Reacher

I didn’t realise it initially, but Tom Cruise is the perfect man to play Jack Reacher. Lee Child’s character is an emotionally empty hulking mountain man, Tom Cruise turns him into a grinning ex-military brat midget; but what Cruise gets right beyond appearance and background is the Mary Sue smugness.

Both Child’s and Cruise’s Jack Reachers are impossibly clever, skillful, independent, self-reliant, certain, and – most importantly – always right. He captures the hearts of dames and commands the respect of men wherever he goes, and brings his own justice down upon evildoers. For Cruise I think this is his delusional narcissism spilling over. Apparently Lee Child is British, so I don’t know what possesses him to write the Mary Sue of another country.

Anyway, the movie is a decent investigative action flick with a decently twisty storyline and legitimately clever tactics and tricks, but the infallibility of the protagonist irritated me to no end. If you can put up with Cruise playing a character as perfect as Cruise thinks he is, you’ll enjoy it.


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