Crazy Stupid Love

This was a mess of a movie that starts in such a promising way. Steve Carrell is a boring husband who gets cheated on, and then taken under the wing of Ryan Gosling. Gosling plays is a good-looking guy (or so I’ve heard) on a one-man mission to impregnate all the nubile women in the city (I don’t know if this is true of the real guy).

Anyway, Carrell learns to be less lame, Gosling stumbles upon Emma Stone (who is amazing as always) and becomes a bit more lame, Kevin Bacon appears, and Carrell’s character’s son learns how to be a stalker. Oh, and some girl has the hots for Carrell pre-transformation, and causes a big awkward punch-up at the end.

I don’t watch rom-coms, so I don’t know what kind of bizarre morals-of-the-stories they consistently feature, but Crazy Stupid Love has some really bad ones. Carrell promotes a fairytale view of romance, despite being cheated on and getting kicked out of his house, and being criticised by his wife post-separation for sleeping around – that’s some self-respect right there. Meanwhile the 12-year-old son is rewarded for stalking his 17-year-old babysitter after being told “no” repeatedly.

I guess every rom-com has to have its atypical-but-not-really heroine who wins the heart of the rugged stony guy and makes him do stupid things; Emma Stone has a really genuine style, and is convincing in this role (at least I’d consider giving up a life of womanising for her).


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