Hellraiser 2

It’s a cliche that the first movie in a horror franchise is the best; that’s no exception in Hellraiser, though apparently things really go downhill from 3 onwards.

Hellraiser 2 delves into the origin of the cenobites and their hell dimension – there’s a lot of gruesome creatures and settings, and the skinless human is repeated with Julia this time. The storyline jumps all over the place, and loses focus attempting to explain the mythological background.

The original Hellraiser had a strong premise based on characters’ motivation: a hedonist consorted with demons, then with the help of the adulterous wife slays his way back to life. Hellraiser 2 (Hellbound) becomes lost in backstory and special effects, with characters running around all over the place, it being really unclear what they want to do, and what’s driving the narrative.


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