Aquarion Evol

Kawamori Shouji’s Aquarion is a part-parody of the giant robot genre he helped to create. Aquarion Evol takes up the story thousands of years after the first series and largely covers the same material.

Kawamori’s production company Satelite produces just as beautiful and ridiculous an anime as the first season – lush colours and backgrounds, detailed CGI mecha designs, sharp character designs even for non-speaking parts, and high-quality animation; the same insane humour with gattai innuendo, stupid puns, and genre parody (though less this time). Kannou Youko steps up once more for fantastic music.

It’s an entertaining ride, though the storyline didn’t really engage me – the central conflict wasn’t that interesting, and departed significantly from the past “Shadow Angels versus Humans” mythology, and the semi-retcons diminished the prior story. There were too many characters to go into much depth, and a few of the main ones didn’t have enough to them (eg Mikage and Kagura). They had a beautiful setting I wish they used more.

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