Child’s Play 1 and 2

For a scaredy-cat who dislikes horror movies, I sure watch a lot of them.

Child’s Play is an 80s flick about a doll possessed by a serial killer (Brad Dourif, who plays Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings). Despite this stretched premise, there are some nice elements (adults not believing the kid and putting him in danger, the doll forcing the kid to do stuff for him), some very period touches (single mother living in the city, Cabbage-Patch-Kids-style talking dolls, the importance of batteries), and some clever sequences (the cop in the car). The extended final battle is pretty enjoyable.

Child’s Play 2 is a more exaggerated film – Chucky gets an attitude, half the movie is spent in a weird family setup (I suppose that’s common in the genre), and the final confrontation is a gratuitously over-the-top chase through a factory. I liked the older girl who helps the main character and tries to kill Chucky several times.

Wikipedia tells me that the franchise has 5 movies now, with the 6th coming out in a few months.


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