Romancing the Stone

Here’s one hell of a throwback movie, back to when Michael Douglas was young, Danny DeVito had a career, and people knew who Kathleen Turner was. That and when adventure movies were still made.

This 1984 movie is a light-hearted adventure romance comedy that involves some very nice Central/South American scenery. It seems to be pitched towards women (the protagonist is an almost-cat-lady who meets a dashing-but-rough man who needs to be tamed), but is enjoyable enough for a guy. Perhaps this movie precedes the sharp gender targeting we see today, where girl-movies are full of people who behave nothing like they do (or should) in real life, and boy-movies are full of explosions and exploding explosions.

The humour is broad and quite slapstick at times (cue Danny DeVito), and some nowadays would frown upon some implicit politics. Nevertheless it’s some good-natured fun – apparently there’s a sequel called “Jewel of the Nile”, and if you want to see something really scary, Douglas, Turner and DeVito reunite in the divorce movie “The War of the Roses”.


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