Hyouka is one of my favourite anime in recent times – partly because of its extremely low-key setups. It essentially concerns a lazy energy-conserving high-schooler solving a series of mundane mysteries – what caught a teacher’s attention a few years ago, how a girl found herself in locked in a classroom without noticing, how an unfinished movie was intended to end, or what a PA announcement could be about. There are no murders or diamond heists in sight.

Each episode generally consists of the heroine bugging the hero to solve a minor curiosity – I found her a bit cloying, but the protagonist is entranced, and puts in the effort each time, which is funny in its own way. The explanations are accompanied with some animations so the audience can follow along pretty easily. There are also some incidents that turn out not to be traditional deductions, which keep things fresh. One of them, the movie arc is my favourite.

I recommend this Kyoto series, it’s mystery combined with slice-of-life.


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